Management Philosophy
Our confidence in safety is based on innovative technology of SUIL Industry.
Our confidence in road safety is based on the value of technology. Respecting innovative technology leads to individual happiness.
SUIL Industry creates the value of road safety with constant innovation of technology.
Our company values each individual on the road, which makes us do constant and pro-active research on creative solutions and technology in road safety.
Company : SUIL Industry Co., Ltd.
Industry : Manufacturer of road safety products
Business Area : Steel Guardrail
Vision : Leading road safety through innovative technology based on respect for human beings
CEO : Park Je-Sang
SUIL industry always thinks about the safety of each member of our society and expands its technology with the value of individuals.


SUIL industry is responsible for
road safetybased on it's technology.


The top priority in the road safety
industry is the respect for people.


SUIL Industry cares about partnerships
with our suppliers and employees.
The safety of everyone is the core value of SUIL Industry.